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Empowering ND People to Take Center Stage in Performance and Real Life

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Creativity Mentoring for ND Teens and Young Adults

Are you a teen or young adult who is an aspiring actor, singer, comedian, voice actor, podcaster or influencer? Let's get creative!

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Coaching for ND Speakers 

Have you imagined yourself up on stage sharing your vision but wind up getting discouraged because of self-doubt? Do you want to put yourself out there, but feel at the mercy of imposter syndrome or rejection sensitivity? This is where Liz comes in.

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Neurodiversity Training and Consulting

Calling all schools, drama programs and service providers, are you prepared to expand and enrich your student base by welcoming neurodivergent students? Expert help is on the way!

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Welcome to AND Action! I'm Liz McDonough, and for the last 17 years, I have helped hundreds of ND children, teens and young adults find their voices through drama, comedy improv, music and theatre. The beauty of having a differently wired brain is that you have something unique to offer and something extraordinary to express. My own neuro-differences have fueled my creativity as a performer and a drama therapist. I founded AND Action! because I want to guide ND people who are musically, theatrically or comedically inspired to bring their talent center stage. Sharing this approach with schools, organizations and the wider community sets the stage for ND people to soar in performance, school and everyday life. 

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